Make better decisions
using data

Powerful self-serve data analytics for SaaS companies. For product, sales, ops & more.
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Data exploration,
not dashboards.

Data scientists don’t stare at dashboards. They find insights through ad-hoc questions & hypotheses.
Supersimple lets anyone do this.

No code. No SQL. Yes AI.

Tell us what you’re thinking.
Our AI brings you what you need, and explains itself.
Say goodbye to hidden hallucinations.

ChatGPT plugin. Oh yes.

Unlock advanced reasoning across multiple data sources.
Link up your databases, Notion, Linear & more.
Screenshot of two Slack messages from Supersimple containing detected insights about customer behaviour

Automated insights. Like magic.

Our ML-based alerts ask the questions you didn’t even think to.
You just tell us your priorities & goals.

The most successful companies are the most data-driven. Coincidence?

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